Teachable Spirit

I really like it when I impress and amaze others. It’s so good for my mood, man!! So good when…

The Day Is Before Me

It’s a Sunday morning. The sun is not quite streaming through my windows highlighting my face and giving me an…

…Even If He Doesn’t

Let me get back to the idea that I had doomed myself into a lifetime of hollow and meaningless existence. I had taken a chance. I had loved hard. I dove in. I did not allow myself to be afraid…until the end. Then fear took over and I lost it all.

Hold Back the River

That place where two people connect always occurs in that instant where eyes meet and don’t turn away. They lock. They hold on and let the secrets, the things they hide, come to the surface.

Hit and Run

LOVE. LOVE CONQUERS ALL. It does. It always has. It always will. I have said this through tears. I have said this through laughter. I have said this when I didn’t mean it and hoped to mean it.